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Have you ever thought about it, if what appears in your advertising space is no longer their online advertising, but a beautiful mini e-shop, the product is related to your website theme, and all purchases are done on your site. Worry about taking away your traffic. The calculation of the commission is like this: there are three items added together 1. 0.5 yuan for a registered user, and 1.5 yuan for the purchase after registration (all purchases must be registered) 2. 5% of the transaction amount (tentative) 3. Premium, marketing forum, The price you make money at home not doing surveysget is guaranteed to be the lowest in the city, and you can determine the price according to your ideas. Technically, we can see the whole process, so there is no need to worry about your registered purchase users.

Below is the link to make happy. If you like this platform and you can trust it, you can click on the link above to download and install the Happy Earn software, and then go inside to register a Happy Earn account, so that everyone can easily play games in Happy Earn Make money.

So how should we solve the problem of professionalism? I think this problem should not only be my consideration, but a problem that all forum webmasters should consider. After all, forum sites are flooded now, and everyone’s templates are roughly the same. How to reflect the difference The transformation really gives us a headache. But there will always be a solution to the problem. The killer feature of my forum is that I put forward the concept of "after-sales service". All members who participate in the forum project I promise to let my customer service give them sufficient guidance, project progress, and profitability. And the persistence will be recorded, and those online earning projects exchanged between members, I will personally operate them, and give them appropriate guidance, to avoid detours.

There are many profiteering small businesses in today's life, but because these profitable small businesses are not very eye-catching, most people usually don't pay much attention to them, which also leads to the low competition of these profitable small businesses. For example, ordering takeaway has become a way of eating that many people are accustomed to, but many customers don’t pay much attention to the store information of takeaway merchants. Some people seized this opportunity and started a takeaway through a very low-cost method. shop.

People who often watch the news will have the impression that XX company bought the domain name XX for several million. For example, Jingdong bought JD for 30 million, 360 company bought 360 for 106 million, and Xiaomi bought mi for 22.43 million yuan. These news have occupied the headlines of technology at the time, so it goes without saying how profitable this industry is. Buying a domain name on Alibaba Cloud will basically not exceed 100 yuan, so the profit is very large, more than real estate speculation. Buying stocks makes money, more than 99.999% of the financial investment products on the market, and successfully completing a domain name can last a lifetime.

I have seen too many people, because the takeaway brother was slightly delayed, so he could not raise his make money at home not doing surveyshead, and quickly clicked a bad review. However, have you ever thought that the reason why he was late may be due to a traffic jam, or he might come in the rain?

The information of intercity traffic is connected across the country, with tens of millions of registered users and 100,000+ registered car owners. The ride-sharing and carpooling, which is not for profit as the main purpose but for friendly and mutual assistance, is a manifestation of the sharing economy and is beneficial to alleviating traffic congestion. , Wangzhuan forum, reduce pollution, share travel costs with ride-share travel. Increase tens of thousands of users every day, and you can promote and display your products and other information on the homepage nationwide.

In rural markets, one often sees a person riding a bicycle and selling while walking, and only needs a small place to start his own business. The prepared candied haws are skewered every morning and sold at the market. The cost is just one machine-making money. It can be said that the investment is very small. Buy hawthorn raw materials every day and then make sugar. In the market, it costs only a few cents and sells it for 3 yuan. Children and young people love it. It has a promising future.

I spent a lot of time researching to find out the root of the problem. It turns out that when the smart hula hoop rotates, like running, swimming, and dancing, it’s all aerobic exercises, which can improve cardiopulmonary function and reduce it. If the risk of vascular disease can be sustained, it will help to lose weight.

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