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The above are the five most representative deep pits in the online earning circle in 18 years. Don’t repeat the same mistakes in the pits you have lie down. Those who fall twice in a pit are not martyrs, but fools. The right path in the world is the vicissitudes of life. Although there are opportunities everywhere in the online earning road, there are also traps everywhere. Before you find the right direction, you can keep yourself from being invincible. If you are not deceived, you will be invincible, just like the casino. Caution: Don't bet to win. "

The second is to go directly to the app store to download the most popular apps (support ios and Android platforms), fill in the invitation code 8BNTWT when registering to get the reward of 2D coins, if you don’t fill in, there is no reward.

Contact net earning started in 2007. A colleague who was a master of net earning earned his first pot of gold by searching abroad. How can Weibo fans earn more? It is said that he was able to reach 1,000 dollars a month at that time. about. He introduced me to understand email clicks first, so I did 2-3 months of foreign email clicks. At that time, there was a donkey station that was very famous. I checked it manually every day, and then I found a software to click it. The final result was How many dollars are there? Can't remember. But since there was no PP at the time, it was confiscated. Later, I wanted to click through the email to go to the search section, but my colleague said that the search was already a declining industry, and at that time I encountered trouble doing the search page. In this case, the online earning project ended. Clicking on the email made me get acquainted with Wangzhuan, a new industry.

"In a blink of an eye came the last day of 2012, and this year’s online money making ends here. In other words, it’s the end of the most troublesome semester for students, but to be honest, it’s not that headache before. There were not many courses before. And there are directions. It’s not difficult to study and review. The knowledge points are those. The most important thing is that the teacher will tell you how to learn and what to learn. On the other hand, when you come to university, indeed, there is freedom, but in the face of exams, you must Pick up your long-lost attitude towards exams.

In addition, we can take a look at the parent company of Toutiao today. ByteDance has been adhering to a mentality of not standing in line on the Internet from the beginning. Neither in the Ali camp, nor in the team of Tencent, nor in the team of Baidu. Although you do not stand in line, the Internet market cannot be without overlap. In other words, in the process of your development and expansion, the interests of other companies will inevitably be touched. Although not standing in line, it is possible to make enemies.

As mentioned earlier, WeChat is one-to-one, suitable for accurate message delivery. The relationship of friends on WeChat is stronger than that on Weibo. All traffic comes from mobile phones. Based on the relationship of the address book, it is a strong acquaintance relationship and will become the biggest entrance in the future. These characteristics determine that WeChat is a two-way choice. Corporate public accounts need to increase their stickiness with WeChat users as much as possible, rather than mass spam advertisements. An excellent WeChat agent operating company needs to formulate corresponding services for the different needs of each customer: After the evaluation and analysis of different customers in the early stage, the company has designed an exchange menu, keyword response, customer relationship management, and content Editor, corporate WeChat platform, corporate discount menu, WeChat interactive marketing activities, and WeChat membership service items and content.

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