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Moments of friends, major WeChmake money by writing fictionat groups, renting groups, dating groups, Weibo, post bars, and even QQ spaces that have not been watched for a long time have all become lively, and even many forum posts that do not allow sharing of link QR codes have opened exceptions. .

In this way, since last year, I have been working on a writing job in Jianshu. Although I can’t do it every day, even when I’m busy, I can’t even do it for a long time. However, I thank this platform for giving me a place to talk about my troubles. It also made me know a lot of like-minded friends. They are all excellent authors. With them, I have seen many wonderful lives. It is precisely because of their existence that I re-examine myself, continue to spur myself, work hard, and become an outstanding person.

The author knows a little-known online entrepreneur who sells various marketing software on WeChat and makes more than 1 million a year. Can you imagine? He is only acting for other people's software, with extremely high profits and basically no after-sales service because the probability of software problems is very small. This light entrepreneurship model has been used as a classic case study by the first community, and it is also advocated by us. Therefore, we have advocated light entrepreneurship for a long time, not only because we have discovered that light entrepreneurship is flexible, but also because we have discovered With the advent of light entrepreneurship, the last one I want to share is the most representative online earning project in 2017: social e-commerce.

So, how to achieve the goal of making money from 0 to 20,000 yuan a month? From the perspective of typical simple materialism and human subjective initiative, it is the person himself that plays a decisive role. If you make less than 20,000 yuan a month, the essence In the above, more reasons are still in my own body.

Moreover, Douyin has already cooperated with merchants. Videos will be linked and directly made into merchant food, and the charges will have two modes of exposure and click-through rate. Careful friends can find that when watching Douyin videos, a shopping cart icon will appear on some of them, and they will jump to a certain treasure when they click on it. In other words, it is now in a booming period in TikTok drainage and product numbering.

After you have registered your Juxiangyou account, the platform will give you a three-yuan cash reward red envelope at this time. This is a reward red envelope for every newcomer who registers in Juxiangyou. After you receive this red envelope, you can withdraw it immmake money by writing fictionediately.

The best business in the future, mobile shops, mobile bosses! People are the facade, the mouth is the window of business, fate is the customer, business is indirectly negotiated with the mountains and rivers, and the deal is just chatting and laughing! If you are destined, you can become a winner sooner. If you look down on it, you can only look down on the empty shop at home and continue to look down on it. It is never too late! Trends will never come when everyone is applauded, and miracles always occur in disapproval. There is no best, only better. Act quickly! Studies have shown that the mobile Internet has surpassed the PC, that is, the mobile Internet users have surpassed the computer! It can be proved that mobile phones have covered most of the people, the cost of mobile Internet access is not high, and it is easy to carry. Compared with bulky computers, people are more willing to use mobile phones to surf the Internet! The survey shows that an average of 2.5 hours of mobile Internet access per person per day, what is the connection between the above and today’s topic "How to make money with mobile phones part-time" Take it slowly.

After I believe it, you guessed it too. I got the tutorial. I don’t understand it here. I don’t know it there. There were countless problems during the operation. The person who looked for the training program asked. There was no one sentence. Before the money was collected, it was the grandson. After the money was collected, it was the uncle. . In the end, nothing was learned, and time was wasted.

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